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ACT TYPE: Pop/rock band


AREAS COVERED: Scotland-wide



Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between one covers band and another.  Most bands will work to a well-tried and proven formula and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. When these lads put their band together a couple of years ago they knew they had to something different to stand out. So they worked hard perfecting their skills and talents and made sure they were the equal of any band musically. Next, they decided not to reinvent the wheel and to play songs that actually fill dance floors - even if many other bands play the same tunes.  So far, so good.  You'll love the way The Kuil play the songs and tunes you love, and you'll be impressed by their immense musical ability; after all, it comes naturally to them - they've all been perfecting their instruments since they were young kids.  In fact, it's clear as soon as you hear them that they're natural musicians.

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